We are a business just like yours. A business that wants to support our communities, churches, schools, environment and charities in a BIG way. So, we developed the Charity Swipes Network. On our own, we may only make a small difference; but with you as our partner, collectively we can change the world! Join us today and start giving back in a BIG way!

Our Mission Is Clear…

Founded on the principle of philanthropy, the mission of Charity Swipes is to support small business owners as well as contributing to the greater good of society. At Charity Swipes, we aim to positively impact our communities and improve the lives of everyone we touch.

With this in mind, we were donating a portion of our profit to various local and national charities. This was our business model for 6 months before deciding to go one step further and expanding our efforts – creating an easy, effective way to not only donate to our causes, but to help others donate to their favorite charities.

The Charity Swipes system is simple and effective and best of all, everyone benefits!

Every merchant of Charity Swipes receives the lowest rates in the industry. In fact, when you switch your merchant account to Charity Swipes, we guarantee to lower your rates from 2 to 5%. Here is where the truly great part comes in: Every month, month after month, Charity Swipes donates a portion of OUR profit to various local and national charities of YOUR choice. Yes, you save 2-5% on your fees AND you generate money for your favorite charity at no cost to you! At the end of the year, we will send you a summary of the amount donated to your charity.

Let us enable the success of your business and help you share this success with the causes and communities that are important to you.