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Charity Swipes specializes in Merchant Accounts and Credit Card Machines, but we also offer a wide range of products and services which add value to our customers. Here is a complete list of what we can offer your business:

Credit Card Processing – Let our highly qualified professional salespeople with an average experience of 6 years help you to create a solution customized specifically for your needs. Our merchant account payment processing solutions offer you the most competitive rates while providing you a credit processing solution that is optimal.We can have your merchant account accepting credit card payments the next day. You have many options to choose from and can process credit cards online, using a credit card machine, or e-commerce credit card processing solutions.

Cash Advance – Cash advances are offered for merchants that are looking for a quick infusion of capital. If your company is looking to expand, buy a new piece of equipment, or do anything to improve the business, a cash advance can help get that accomplished.

Terminals –Terminals allow for more traditional credit, debit, and gift card acceptance when compared to advanced POS systems. Terminals range in specifications from basic credit card acceptance to wireless terminals to multifunction terminals that accept all card types and checks.

Gift Cards – Gift and loyalty cards are offered to help drive sales from new and existing customers. Gift cards help bring a different customer to the merchant while loyalty cards help promote repeat business from existing customers.

Mobile Pay – With Mobile Pay solutions, you can offer fast, safe and flexible payment processing anywhere you go by using your existing smart phone. Once you’ve downloaded the application from the App StoreSM or Google Play™, a handy encrypting card reader device plugs into your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or Android™ smartphone or tablet, enabling you to slide your customer’s credit card to capture a sale. Because the card is physically present, you avoid the higher card-not-present processing rates associated with hand-keyed transactions.

E-commerce Solutions – Our state-of-the-art eCommerce solutions enable you to provide customers with more online payment options and safer transactions for a more satisfying shopping experience. Our credit card payment gateway helps increase revenue, reduce costs and minimize risks as you realize your full business potential.

Check Guarantee Services – Check services allow merchants to accept written checks from their customers without the hassle of driving the checks to the bank or worrying about fraudulent checks. We pursue any bad check writers so you don’t have to worry about it.

POS Systems – Point of Sale systems allow for increased productivity at the register and back end reporting. A POS system can help cut costs and boost revenue. We are now proud to offer Clover POS systems. Please click here for more detailed information on Clover POS solutions.

High Risk Processing – Several merchant categories are considered high risk due to low credit or their industry. We offer processing options for most low credit merchants and high risk industries.

ATM – ATMs are a great way from businesses to generate an additional form of revenue. Buy or lease, ATMs offer customers the ease and convenience of on-the-spot cash for paying for merchandise or services.

Free Marketing Materials – We provide you with FREE marketing materials to let your customers know that you are a proud partner in the Charity Swipes network. People love to give. Let these people know that when they do business with you that a portion of their transaction are going back to charity! We provide you with 2 store front decals and 1 cash register display.

Charity Swipes is dedicated to you and your business. You will always have your own dedicated personal account manager. You also have access to our support department 24 Hrs. a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

PCI Compliance –  All merchants’ systems must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) for data security. If your PCI-DSS compliance validation is current, thank you. However, if you have not validated your company’s compliance with the PCI-DSS, you may be putting your business at risk. When it’s time to conduct a review of your data security practices, PCI Rapid Comply Trustwave Enabled is ready to assist. This service is available for all of our merchants.
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