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Processing for a brighter tomorrow

Our name says it all:

We provide the credit card processing solution your business needs while generating money for charity at no cost to you.

With every “swipe” of a card, a portion of the processing fee goes to charity.

Our low fees generate huge savings for you & the portions we give turn into huge donations for charity.

Everyone wins!

Solutions for every business

Why work with us?

Forget the early bird, the company with the best tech catches the worm. Our point of sale systems do so much more than simply process cards. They track and manage inventory and employees, integrate your accounting and payroll, offer your customers gift and loyalty cards, and infinitely more. It’s time to get the edge on your competition.

No one likes paying processing fees. But since there’s no way around them, you might as well pay the lowest fees in the industry. We’re so confident we can offer you lower rates than you currently pay that if we can’t, we’ll give you a check for $500!

Help Our Communities

We love people! Founded by two entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to philanthropy, we wanted to help everyone whom we come in contact. By providing the lowest prices and best products, our clients win. By donating 30% of our profits to various organizations, charities win. And by doing what we love, we win.

Let’s build a better future

We donate to charity from OUR pockets, not yours. Just by letting us process your payments, you’re helping support charities without spending a penny. You win, we win, and charities win!

Let’s help you find the best program for your business…