Clearing up the processing industry

We know there are some genreal questions that every merchant wants answers too, but all to often cannot find. With that in mind we have put together this page to go a ways in answering some of those questions to give you a leg up!

Apple pay is Apple’s new mobile payment solution that turns the latest Apple devices (iPhones, Apple Watches & iPads) into electronic wallets. Apple Pay is a fast, safe way to pay since your customer simply uses their Apple device and their fingerprint to complete payment. You customer simply waives their iPhone/watch/iPad over your Point of Sale unit, and the transaction takes place using NFC (Near Field Communication) to communicate with your Point of Sale system. All the hardware Charity Swipes offers has NFC technology built in, so you’re ready to accept Apple Pay (as well as Droid Pay and Samsung Pay) the second you receive our equipment!

There are a few parts to this. 1st, when you signup for service, you designate, from our list of donation partner charities, which organization you’d like to support. We then calculate 30% of OUR monthly profit from handling your processing account and put it aside to be donated in December.

Because we offer the lowest rates and then, on top of that, we give 30% to charity, our business structure relies on merchants staying with us for years. Although we’re only making 70% of what our competitors make, if we retain our clients twice as long as them, we’re still in a very sustainable model. Short answer: Our goal is to treat our merchants right and have them continue service with us for a long, long time.

We have extremely competitive rates! While we would love to give you a simple number, it’s impossible without first looking at all the factors. Factors such as: what type of transactions you are going to accept (face to face, over phone or over internet), what kind of industry you’re in (restaurant, retail, online, health/medical, etc), and what size transactions you will be running. If you already accept cards, click here and upload a recent merchant statement. We’ll analyze it then we’ll help you understand what you’re currently paying and how much you’d save by switching to Charity Swipes.

Click here to fill in some basic info and we’ll reach out to you within 1 hour (during business hours) to get the process started. Or call us at 800-652-3434 x 102 for sales.

Yes. When filling out the Charity Swipes merchant application, simply list your 7-digit Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) number and we’ll get it setup on your account. EBT processing is completed like PIN-based debit card transactions and the proper equipment needs to be present for the transaction. Nearly all of the equipment Charity Swipes offers can be programmed to accept EBT.

Problems are rate but if they happen, you’re in good hands! All of our merchants have access to free 24-7-365 Customer & Tech Support.

No. The switch is seamless and has been refined through years of experience to ensure there is zero downtime and no negative impact to your business.

Our main office is in Santa Ana, CA but we service all 50 states. We have outside sales reps in many states, but even if there isn’t one in your area, we’ll be happy to provide you all the service you’ll need over the phone!

Yes, all our merchants get acces to their own portal where they can view transactions, statements, fees, and everything related to their account.

A virtual terminal is not the same as a Gateway, although most Gateway providers also include a virtual terminal with their service. A virtual terminal is a credit card processing terminal through a website or smart phone app, which allows a merchant to key in transactions.

Many cases do NOT require you to purchase new software or hardware since we utilize many different processing platforms and can integrate into many systems. One of our friendly account executives can analyze your current system to let you know if it’s compatible with our service.

No you do NOT need to get a new bank account, we will deposit your daily funds into your existing bank account. Charity Swipes only handles the processing and deposits of credit/debit cards, we do not offer checking/savings accounts, so we couldn’t switch your banking account even if we wanted to.

We offer POS systems to fit the needs of any business. From touch-screen, advanced POS systems to virtual terminals to mobile processing solutions (i.e. smart phone card readers and tablet solutions) to e-commerce gateways. A friendly Charity Swipes account executive can help you find the best solution.

We can deduct the processing fees either Daily or Monthly. Most businesses prefer monthly because it makes accounting easier (for example, if you process $1,000 credit card, the next day $1,000 is deposited into your bank. Then the processing fees for that transaction (and all transactions for the month) are deducted on the 1st of the following month. With “Daily” deduction, if you take $1,000 card, we deduct the fees before depositing the rest of the money into your account.

You can already write off all your credit card processing as a business expense. Unfortunately, you cannot write it off twice.

In many cases, as little as 3 days.  Filling out the application literally takes less than five minutes.

We accept retail, professional service providers, trade shows, mail order, telephone order, Internet based, and home-based businesses. As long as your business is legal, we have a solution for you.

Yes, we program and test all equipment thoroughly before shipping it to you.

You only need a business checking account if your business is set up as a corporation. If it is a sole proprietorship, you may use a personal checking account or a business checking account.

We never like to see anyone go… But if you must. All you will need to do to cancel your account is send an email to: admin AT Please state that you would like to cancel your account and include your Business name as well as your Merchant Identification Number. We do require a 30 day notice to ensure that all transactions, refunds, charge backs, and your payments are fully settled before the account is fully closed. Always keep in mind that we guarantee that we can beat or at the least match your current rates or the rates that some new fangled company may be offering you. So why switch??? If for some odd reason we cannot match those rates we will gladly donate $250 (in your name) to your favorite charity!

We service all 50 states! We have an office in Santa Ana (Orange County), California and many of our first clients were local. Since 2017, we went national and now have clients in all 50 states.