A clear mission for a bright future

Every Bit Counts

Founded on the principle of philanthropy, the mission of Charity Swipes is to support business owners while contributing to the greater good of society. That’s why give generously to 14 great charities! How much do we give?

Yes, we donate 30% of our annual profits to the great causes listed below. Simply by working with us, you’re helping some of the most amazing charities in the country!

Our Mission is Clear

We can only succeed in helping charities if we succeed in helping you, the merchant. Our business model simply breaks down into two components:

  • Maintain happy clients by offering the lowest processing rates and the best customer service.
  • Donate 30% of our annual profit to charities that we love and support.

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Charity Swipes in a nutshell:

Charities we support:

When you sign up with Charity Swipes, you get to choose which of these organizations we’ll donate to!

The charities listed above are organizations to whom we have chosen to donate. Charity Swipes does not claim to be affiliated with, endorsed by, or represent any of the organizations listed.