A clear mission for a bright future

Built on the idea that every bit counts

Founded on the principle of philanthropy, the mission of Charity Swipes is to support business owners while contributing to the greater good of society. At Charity Swipes, we aim to positively impact our communities and improve the lives of everyone we touch.

Our Mission Is Clear…

We can only succeed in helping charities if we succeed in helping you, the merchant. Our business model is dependent on merchants being satisfied and continuing to use our services. 

The way we maintain that satisfaction is built on 3 pilars: 

1) Offer low rates to process credit & debit cards to keep more money in our clients’ pockets. 
2) Offer the technology businesses need to run optimally.
3) Offer 24-7-365 tech & customer support so no questions ever go unanswered.

We pride ourselves on complete dedication to these important pilars. Give us a chance and we’ll prove you made the right choice!

What we do

In short, we’re a merchant processor that has charity at its core. Rather than read about us, here’s a quick video to help you get to know us.

Charities we support

Not seeing your favorite charity? Let us know so we can work on adding them to the list!

The charities listed above are organizations to whom we have chosen to donate. Charity Swipes does not claim to be affiliated with, endorsed by, or represent any of the organizations listed.