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We're offering listeners:

Free Card Reader

Free Setup & Shipping

Guaranteed Lowest Processing Rates

Next-day Funding

24/7/365 Support

Quick & Easy Application

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What's our deal?

Equipment We'll Give You FREE:

Want to start taking cards and don’t need some fancy setup? We’ve got you covered! We’ll loan you (for free) either a stand-alone terminal or a smart phone bluetooth card reader. Whichever you’d prefer.

Other Equipment Options:

Have a restaurant or retail store that requires a more robust system? We stock all the best Point of Sale systems on the market and our pricing options won’t break the bank.

Rates & Fees

To meet your specific needs, we have 3 pricing options to choose from


Standard Program

Swiped Rates:

Debit Cards: 0.95%

Basic Credit Cards: 1.75%

Rewards Credit Cards: 2.25%

Business Credit Cards: 2.75%

Transaction Fee: $.15

Monthly: $15

Ecommerce/Keyed Rates:

Add 0.30% to Swiped rates


Custom Pricing

Think your current rates are better than our Standard Pricing? No problem. If you process over $60k per year, we'll give you a custom pricing plan that's guaranteed to


Zero Fee Processing

Yup, you read that right. This program allows businesses to avoid paying processing fees. It's currently only available to restaurants and retail stores (not online/e-commerce stores) so check it out if that's you!

All our programs support one of these charities!


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Let's recap what you get:

Free Card Reader or Terminal

Lowest Processing Rates

Free Shipping, Setup & Training

No Hidden Fees

24/7/365 Live Support

And the satisfaction of working with a processor that

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Disclaimer: 1) Not all businesses will qualify for the services offered above. The merchant approval process belongs to Charity Swipes and/or our banking partner, First Data Corp., and we hold the right to refuse service to any business or person at our discretion. 2) The Rates & Fees listed above are for our standard package which includes a card reader or a standard terminal. Additional monthly fees may apply if merchant requires a mobile point of sale unit, a Clover point of sale unit, or a gateway. Also, interchange fees may apply.