0% Credit Card Processing Program FAQS

The Charity Swipes 0.00% (0% for short) Program allows you, the merchant, to offset all your credit & debit card processing fees by passing them along to the customer at the time of sale. The name “0.00%” comes from the fact you will never pay processing fees! You only pay the flat monthly fee ($49 – $99/month) and that’s it!

Nope, it’s completely legal! As a result of a legal settlement to resolve claims brought by a group of U.S. merchants, merchants in the U.S. may add a surcharge to certain credit card transactions (as of January 2014). Our program follows all the requirements agreed to as part of the settlement.

Currently there are 6 states which prohibit our 0% program: Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Oklahoma, Maine & Massachusetts. If you’re NOT in one of those states, you’re good to go!

Most customers are already paying for the convenience of paying higher prices to use cards and even alternative methods of payment. Prime examples are Gas Stations, Municipalities and Education facilities. Not to mention ATM’s. These are prime examples of goods and services sold at various businesses going up in price without merchants having to pay for them. Keep the money and use it to expand your business and improve your bottom line!

Complex calculations and credit card equipment issues may cause delays and frustration from your customers. Surcharging is also explicitly defined in Visa/Mastercard rules and guidelines and violation of these rules may result in fines and closure of your merchant account. It’s much safer for you to let our software handle it all for you.

Yes. Any merchant in 42 out of 50 States may elect to surcharge by following all the requirements set by credit card networks. Merchants may not Surcharge if they are located in any one of the following 8 States: Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma, Texas. If you’re in one of those 8 states, call us and we’ll find the right program for you. 800-652-3434

There is no surcharge on cash payments. As a business owner, you can offer incentive and encourage your customers to pay by alternative methods.

When you sign up with Charity Swipes’ Cash Discount Program, we’ll provide you with the signage to be displayed at your business location, as well as provide you with the terminal/point of sale that displays the surcharge on the receipt.

Click here to get the application started. Or call us at 800-652-3434 x 102.

You do NOT need to buy or lease equipment! All of our plans come with equipment at no additional cost. You can view the program plans below.

Pricing Plans

Our main office is in Orange, CA but we service all 50 states. We have outside sales reps in many states, but even if there isn’t one in your area, we’ll be happy to provide you all the service you’ll need over the phone!

We offer POS systems to fit the needs of any business. From simple terminals to touch-screen, advanced POS systems. View the different options here. 

We deduct the processing fees Daily before being deposited to your bank. Remember, we add 3.75% onto every sale, so when we deduct the 3.75% at the end of the day, you’re left with the same exact amount your product/service cost. At the end of the month, you’re ONLY billed the flat monthly cost of whichever program you’re on. Simple!

Simple: If you’re not totally happy with our service within the first 30 days, you can cancel and return your equipment without paying a Termination Fee. Obviously you will be responsible for the processing fees of 3.75% processed during your trial, but no additional fees will be assessed.