How we choose our charities

We’re often asked by merchant clients, and prospective clients, why we work with the charities we do. We’re also asked why we only give to certain charities instead of letting the client choose any charity they desire.

I’ll address the first question first because the answer also lends itself to questions 2. The reason we work with the charities we do is because we have researched, interviewed, investigated and vetted each of them thoroughly, and we 100% believe in their organizations. We look at many factors including: user reviews, employee reviews (, ratings from publications (such as,, Consumer Reports, and more), percentage of funding which goes towards overhead costs versus going to the direct cause, CEO/President salary, positive and negative news articles, and many more aspects. It obviously goes without saying but we take our decisions very seriously. As a result, it usually takes us over a month of research before deciding on a charity to support. Allowing our clients to choose any charity (outside of our list), would simply require more resources than we have available, and subsequently, isn’t feasible.

I do want to point that if you’re passionate about a charity that isn’t on our list, all hope is not lost! Every year we are adding another 2-3 charities to our list. This means if your favorite charity is not currently one of our donation partners, you are welcome to submit a request for us to include them in the future. We greatly appreciate all requests and will take them all into consideration. Shoot suggestions to

Thanks for reading. As always, let us know how we can help you!

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